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Hey. I'm Jordan Suchow, a grad student in cognitive science at Harvard, studying how brains, minds, and machines process visual information.

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cv excerpt

Curriculum vitae

An academic history; a biographical sketch.


selected projects
letter learning paper excerpt

Learning to detect and combine the features of an object, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2012.


silencing paper excerpt

Motion silences awareness of visual change, in Current Biology, 2011.

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The MemToolbox is a collection of MATLAB functions for modeling visual working memory.



Figured ( is helping to make science communication more beautiful, lucid, and intelligible by means of thoughtful design.

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NPG's policy on authorship, in Nature, 2011.

Nature Publishing Group announces a ban on human authorship. pdf

silencing poster

Which kinds of motion silence awareness of visual change? Poster at VSS 2011.

Background, local, and illusory motion produce silencing. analysis of iTunes listening.

Do song-listening habits follow Zipf's law?

imagine magazine excerpt

Seeing things: visual perception research at NYU
Imagine magazine.

In high school (and also as an undergrad), I worked in Denis Pelli's lab at NYU. Hoping to encourage other students to give research a try, I wrote this piece.

random walk blocks

Random walk blocks
Pretty blocks created by superimposing smoothed random walks painted in transparent colors.

latex template for harvard dissertation

LaTeX template for Harvard thesis

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the disembodied eye

The disembodied eye
A visual party trick. When looking at an upside down face, the eyes eventually appear to flip right-side up, giving the eerie impression that they no longer belong to the face.

water poem

Water poem
A poem I wrote (well, dictated really) when I was four.